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The Village is a proposed mid-rise residential building, loca­­ted within the study boundary of two of identified "Main Streets" (17 Avenue and 14 Street SW), where the Municipal Development Plan encourages new growth. Based on our dialogue with neighbours, the Community Association, and the City, the project team is working on the following steps before the application is brought forward to formal decision-making stages:

1) Submit a Concurrent Development Permit Application and Land Use Re-designation (Re-Zoning) Application. 

      PROGRESS: Submitted, download application brief below

2) Complete a voluntary transportation impact study.  

      PROGRESS: Completed, download below

3) Explore voluntary developer-funded public realm investments in the community.

      PROGRESS: Ongoing, in discussion with Community Association

4) Continue dialogue with surrounding neighbours and the community at-large. 

      PROGRESS: Ongoing, download What We Heard Report below

 In committing to these objectives, the project team aims to achieve thoughtful intensification, align with municipal growth strategies, and minimize the development’s impact on surrounding neighbours and the community at large. 

The Village Land Use Change application is scheduled to go before the Calgary Planning Commission on June 15, 2017, with a Public Hearing before Council on July 31st, 2017.


Address: 1444, 1448, 1450, 1502, 1506, 1508 19 Avenue SW

Policy Context

City of Calgary Main Streets Initiative

The Village is located within the overlapping study boundary of the City-identified “YYC Main Streets” of 17 Avenue and 14 Street SW. Initially classified as Neighbourhood Corridors under the Municipal Development Plan, Main Streets are active corridors that attract Calgarians to socialize, work, live, shop, dine, and celebrate. These streets also act as important transportation routes for those who walk, cycle, drive or use transit. The City encourages population and job growth around these corridors.

RouteAhead Primary Transit Network

The Village site is within a 15 minute walk to the Sunalta LRT Station. The two Main Streets adjacent to the site are also identified as part of Calgary Primary Transit Network. These corridors have high frequency public transit with a frequency of every 10 minutes or less, 15 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to the nearby Blue Line LRT, there are currently five bus routes that travel along 17 Avenue and 14 Street SW that support the growth of population and jobs along the corridors. 

Site Plan

By the Numbers

Park Enhancement Concept

With limited legislated tools available to The City, RNDSQR recognizes that progressive proposals for change can include voluntary developer-funded investments in the local community. These investments vary and need to be appropriately matched to the scale of proposed change. Most often, these investments are focused on enhancements to the community’s public realm.

After consideration of opportunities for such investments related to The Village application, we’re prepared to make a commitment of funds of $60,000 and as a condition of approval. It is our aspiration to direct these funds to a local park at the corner of 19 AV and 14A ST SW. RNDSQR is actively working with The City Parks Department to review and refine a park enhancement concept.

This under-loved neighborhood park is comprised of lawn, three young trees and a single park bench. It’s corner location and southeast orientation capture ample sunlight throughout the day making this a special space. The Village building form and massing has been intentionally crafted to reduce shadow impact on this park. With the right enhancements, this space has the potential to serve as a vibrant neighborhood meeting place. 

The current iteration of the design concept features linear seating and new plantings within three social pods (Eat, Play and Live), intended to create unique and playful spaces for people.

Transportation Impact Study

Early in our dialogue with neighbours we heard concerns regarding increased traffic, pedestrian safety, speeding, vehicle access, and on-street parking related to the increase in new residents living in the proposed development. In response, RNDSQR sought the professional assistance of Bunt & Associates Transportation Planners and Engineers to complete a Transportation Impact Study. This study looks at the current transportation system, applies City of Calgary approved metrics to predict how the proposed building will effect the transportation system, and proposes changes or improvements based on the findings. Feedback from the community is also addressed within the study. 

Summary of Study Findings

How We're Engaging


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